January 12, 2007

PTI rules out alliance with PML-Q, JI

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has clarified that there is no prospect of an alliance with any political party or group including Jamaat-e-Islami or PML-Q.

Raoof Hasan, Central Vice President, PTI said that the news appearing in this regard in the media were totally unfounded. It appeared to be a case of disinformation by people who were scared in the wake of the mammoth rally that PTI had staged in Lahore on October 30. It also reflected the absolute moral bankruptcy of the people associated with these parties who were spearheading a smear campaign to dent PTI’s credibility, he said in a statement.

Raoof Hasan further contended that PTI, being a popular political party, was gearing up for the forthcoming elections. Being a party that was advocating for bringing change in the system that had denuded the country of its wealth, it could not afford to compromise on its inalienable stand against corruption and abdication of governance.

Raoof Hasan said that instead of wasting their time on such misleading propaganda, the political parties and their functionaries should concentrate on preparing themselves to face the PTI tsunami that was going to wash them away.