May 15, 2010

Nawaz says Sindh to get priority if his party elected

photo_1368639380567-1-0-280x220Tando Adam, Sindh, Pakistan Muslin League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday said he understands the sufferings of Sindh and province would get top priority if the people elected his party to power in the coming elections.

Addressing at the flood relief camp near here, he said that he was unable to find ‘government’ in the province. ”If Nawaz Sharif can reach the people of flood hit areas of Sindh then why can’t the sitting government?”

He said that he understands the suffering of the people of Sindh. The and meanwhile children, women and elderly people all have to live in this scorching heat. He said that after the devastating rains, many people are deprived of their livelihood whereas their crops were destroyed which has amplified the problems of the masses. The state of people of Sindh has gone from bad to worse but government is seen nowhere in the entire province.

Nawaz Sharif said that immense support has been provided from Punjab people to their brethren in Sindh in this difficult time. Talking about the relief efforts from Punjab, he said he considers this assistance and help as duty and not merely a nice gesture. He informed the congregation that not only the ration is being distributed in different districts of Sindh but medical teams from Punjab are also engaged in treating people and cattle heads.

He said that if Allah gives him the opportunity to serve people of Sindh he would construct schools and universities and added that all the problems would be addressed in his tenure. He hailed that he would keep visiting the locality till the people are not rehabilitated and houses are not constructed.

The PML-N Chief appealed to the government to look after the people whereas addresses their issues at the highest level. He further said that Rs0.1 million should be given to each flood affected family rather than Rs20000 so that people can reconstruct their houses.