May 16, 2011

All efforts to be made to hold fair polls: Khoso

he Prime Minister reiterated that the caretaker government will support and do all what it can to hold free‚ fair and transparent elections in the country. He said that the caretaker government is extending all possible assistance to Election Commission in this regard.

Referring to the energy crisis in the country‚ the Prime Minister said that his government is taking all possible steps to improve the energy situation in the country. He said that he has held several meetings with all stakeholders to ease the tense situation.

He said that Pakistan looks towards its friends particularly the United States to help it in overcoming the energy crisis.

The US envoy said that there is a long history of partnership and important bilateral relationship between the two countries. He said that both the governments are working for building a long term relationship.

Richard Olson commended the caretaker government for piloting the transition from one civilian government to another.

The Ambassador informed the Prime Minister that the US government is supporting Diamer-Basha Dam and is funding its feasibility studies. He said that the US government is closely working on thermal and hydel projects which will inject 1000 MW of generation in the national grid.

Richard Olson briefed the Prime Minister on the recently held trilateral talks in Brussels between Pakistan‚ Afghanistan and the United States which were hosted by United States.