August 31, 2011

Darra Adam Khel: Taliban warn teachers over election duty

KOHAT – Taliban of Darra Adam Khel have warned the teachers to boycott the polling process, in order to avoid punishment.

The warning issued through pamphlets, distribute in various schools, residence of teachers different area of Peshawar city, like police station Sarband area, Salman Khel, Masho Khel and some area located in Badbher last night.

Local found the pamphlets and informed the police, security officials, who gathered the letters for investigation, regarding involvement in distribution of the pamphlets.

According to the letter TTP Dara Adam Khel announces that “we are against those people who are working for democracy and these people the enemies of the Islam, who want to destabilize our country and Islam, through democracy.”

Through their pamphlet, TTP has also demanded that people support the TTP in different
ways, through money or participation in Jihad and reject the 2013election.

TTP also warned the teachers , citizens that they should not participate in election work during polling , while also avoiding any participation in political gathering; otherwise they would not hesitate to target all; common man and candidates alike.